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Your digital channel to occupational healthcare services for you and your team.

OmaAalto is fast, simple and secure way to contact occupational healthcare professionals.

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Real-time remote access to occupational health nurse, occupational physiotherapist and doctor.

eTerveys chat is available to all our customers.

Opening hours: Mon-Wed 8.00–15.30, Thu 8.00–15.00 and Fri 8.00–14.30.

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You can book an appointment with an occupational nurse, occupational physiotherapist and, with a referral, occupational psychologist and a work capacity counselor.

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Customer service phone 010 207 5200
Opening hours: Mon-Thu 8-16 and Fri 8-15
Our customer service has a call-back system.

Telephone lines:
  1. Cancelling your appointment
    (cancellations starting at 7.30 a.m.)
  2. Health checks, further treatment, recommended follow-ups and other appointments (e.g.x-ray)
  3. Occupational capacity evaluations regarding health issues
  4. Contact line for supervisor regarding work community issues

010 207 5200


Contact line for supervisors work community issues.

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Yliopistonkatu 38 C, 3rd. floor
40100 Jyväskylä

Hannikaisenkatu 11-13, 3rd floor
40100 Jyväskylä


mailing address
Hannikaisenkatu 11-13
40100 Jyväskylä

More information

Työterveys Aalto

Occupational Healthcare Työterveys Aalto is developing occupational health partner that provides comprehensive occupational health services to its owner-customer’s workplaces and employees. Our occupational health services cover approximately 20,000 individual clients in the Central Finland region. Our offices are located in Jyväskylä, where regional services are coordinated through a subcontracting network. Aalto employs approximately 65 skilled occupational health professionals.

Our services

  • Support for ability to work: work ability assessments, monitoring the health of partially disabled employees and assessing the need for rehabilitation
  • Health check-ups, guidance, and counseling on health issues related to work
  • Appointment to the occupational health nurse or the occupational physiotherapist
  • Appointment to the occupational health doctor, psychologist or supervisor with matters to the work community based on the assessment of the occupational health professional.
  • Treatment of work-related accidents
  • Diagnostic tests assessed necessary by occupational health doctor.